the venue is Eldon Leisure 3.30 for a 4.00 start   It is quite a difficult exercise to arrange all of the different groups, so if you do not intend to come after receipt of this e mail, could you please get back to me. Last year several people didn’t turn up, which caused problems with the organisation and meant not all of the costs were covered. The prices quoted below are based on the number of people who have said they want to come, so the cost may increase slightly of anyone pulls out. I don’t want to gather deposits, so I’m depending on you!   This year, all proceeds from the party will go to St Oswald’s hospice. We usually do a few charitable events through the year for different organisations, but this year we will be raising solely for St Oswald’s. It’s a fantastic local Charity that provides specialist hospice care to North East adults, young people, babies and children with life-limiting conditions. You can find more at   I’ve managed to work it so that all of the children can do both bowls and climbing, and the cost per head will be £8, payable on the day.   If you’re an adult or  have opted to do just bowling, the cost is £5.   My next task is to create groups of children who know each other…..that’s the big challenge.   If you could get to the bowling hall for 3.30 so you can register and pay and we can separate the groups that are climbing for the first hour.   We will be doing our usual  wine raffle. If you have any surplus bottles of wine from Christmas, please bring them along and we’ll parcel them into half cases and do a raffle.   PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ELDON SQUARE MULTI STOREY CAR PARK CLOSES AT 6.00  - DON’T PARK IN THAT ONE