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Why Choose us?anthony1

Because we care. We care about our martial art, Taekwon do and its values. This means we care about you and how you develop physically and mentally.

The Chief instructor at NBA, Anthony McKenna gave up his job as the Head of Leisure Services at Newcastle City Council to concentrate on teaching Taekwon do full time. As well as being a 7th degree master in Taekwon do, Anthony is also an experienced management and leadership coach, so he understands the importance of  helping people reach their full potential. 

“I set the training intensity and technical level for each lesson so that it is suitable for those who are just taking up the martial art. Taekwon do is taught to a set curriculum which is designed so that students learn in an incremental way, so the classes are suited just for you. If possible, I would appreciate a phone call so I can understand your motives for learning the martial art – it changes the approach I take, as most people have their own reasons for wanting to learn an art of self defence.”

There are different prices depending on how often you want to train, and there are some other costs involved – annual membership, uniform etc. If you come along to one of the lessons, I’ll give you a full information pack. Take it away and make a decision at your leisure. I much prefer it if you took time and make a firm decision to become a Blackbelt. You can have as many free lessons as it takes –I want you to take as much time as you need to make sure my classes are the ones for you.

Then you can make a decision whether or not you want to take it any further at your leisure. If you want to come to one of the lessons, could you get there about 15mins before the start so I can have a chat with you about your fitness levels and what to expect from your first few lessons.

Give me a ring on 07815 127725 if you want any further information.

You’ll be amazed at what you or your child can achieve! The hardest thing to do is to come to the first lesson. Every Taekwon do Master in the world had to take that step – why don’t you?

Master Anthony Mckenna VII degree ITF


Mrs Jolene Brown
Mrs Jolene Brown, 4th degree
Mr Jon Churchward, 4th degree
Mr James Telford, 4rd degree
Stephen Barzin, 3rd Degree
Mr Steven Turnbull, 3nd degree
Mr Andrew Barron 3rd degree
Mr Ross Fletcher, 2nd degree
Mr David Jobson, 2nd degree
Mr Stephen Murray
Mr Stephen Murray, 1st Degree
Mr Arthur Thorpe, 1st degree
Mr Craig Brown, 1st degree
Miss Kathryn Boulton, 1st degree
Omar Choudry, 1st degree
Advika Uppal 1st Degree
Maya Ford 1st degree
Isaac Barzin 1st Degree

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