Next gradings are held on 1st October and 26th November

The next grading is to be held on Saturday 1st October. Could I refresh you with the process for selection for the test.• The date of the test is announced one month before the test. This is usually done verbally, and then posted on the website and facebook to reduce the amount of e mails sent.• I then check the eligibility for the test – there are minimum periods between each test, and these periods get longer as the student progresses through the grades because the gradings are harder. This ensures that by the time the student gets to take their first degree, they are mature and competent. Students have to be over the age of 12 before they take a degree test. There are other taekwon do organisations that create blackbelts at ridiculously low ages, and in an incredibly short time span. That simply devalues the status of blackbelt. If you get a degree with our academy, you deserve it.• Over the next two weeks our instructors will assess the students who are eligible. If we feel that you do not know all of the patterns for the grade, the step sparring and meet the power test requirements, and you cannot answer some basic questions, the student is not invited to the test. I do this to avoid having to ask students to resit if they do not reach an acceptable standard in the test, which can be demotivating for the individual. Over the next two weeks if you or your child meet the eligibility times (which are in the study book) please try to impress us!